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Welcome to Skating Haven

Update: Our last skate session is Sunday 23rd December. We are then closed and reopen on Sunday 20th January. From all the Skating Haven staff we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Skating Haven is open to everybody regardless of your skating ability. Our friendly staff guarantee a fun and safe experience providing game activities for the children and you will be coming back time & time again, roller-skating can also keep you fit and is a great way of meeting new fun people.

When you arrive at Skating Haven!!!

Everyone skating will be taken to SKATE hire where they will be supplied with skates, helmets, protective pads, etc. (Safety gear must be worn at all times while skating) Everyone skating will be taken to Boot Camp, where you’ll be taught to skate by our skate instructor’s, once they’ve learnt to skate then you can go to play game or go to roller disco.

Skating Haven is not just another roller disco, we have our very own line dance which we teach to everyone that come to Skating Haven this dance has been designed for the more experience skater, once the moves are mastered not only will your balance and coordination be improved you will definitely feel the burn knowing that you have had a proper workout,
And to finish we will be doing the Skating Haven train this is to give anyone a great Skating Haven experience.