Skating Haven Disclaimer & Terms & Conditions

ROLLER SKATING is a sporting activity and may be subject to slips, trips or falls causing an injury, such as grazed knee, hand, thigh or buttock may occur. Also more serious injuries for instance, sprains, breaks or concussion may result from a slip collision or fall.

HELMETS, WRIST, KNEE & ELBOW GUARDS ARE AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE at the skate hire. Using protective equipment will help reduce the likely hood of injury due to a fall or collision. Skating Haven accepts no responsibility for injury caused by a fall or collision that could have been prevented had the appropriate protective equipment have been used.

PEOPLE WHO BRING THEIR OWN SKATES & EQUIPMENT into the venue are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of such, and Skating Haven cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injury and damage caused by such skates and equipment to yourself or a third party.


I accept that all persons participating in this sport are "fit to participate" and that I will make Skating Haven staff aware of any pre existing medical conditions that could affect me / us skating safely. Skating Haven have the right to refuse admission if all persons participating are "Not fit to participate".

SKATING HAVEN RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADMISSION and to remove people from the venue for any reason including skating dangerously due to the over consumption of alcohol / drugs, behaviour likely to cause damage, Injury, nuisance or annoyance, to other skaters, or failure to comply with requests of Skating Haven staff or their representatives.

ANYONE SKATING AT ANY SKATING HAVEN EVENTS SKATE ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK and the management cannot be held responsible for any accidents caused by in house structures, objects, or by actions of other skaters.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO: In some environments, it is impossible to control photography by external parties, however, I am aware that there maybe times that photographs and/or footage maybe taken during Skating Haven events by approved people or Skating Haven Staff. Such images shall only be used for publicity purposes and I give consent for my son/ daughter to feature in such photos/ images. I hereby only grant approved agents the right to use the images resulting from the photo/film shoots. This includes any reproductions or adaptations of the images for all general purposes i.e. local newspapers, local magazines, other promotional articles (inc. flyers) and the Skating.

SKATING HAVEN ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS, injury or damage caused to yourself or any third party, your property or clothing.

I AGREE TO SKATE WITHIN MY ABILITY and understand protective equipment has been made available to me and the important of use it. I confirm I will report any property or equipment defects to Skating Haven staff as soon as I am made aware of it.

As parent or legal guardian, I have read and understood all the terms and conditions listed above and I give parental consent to my child (ren) to participate in roller skating at this & any other Skating Haven event.

I further understand that Skating Haven is not liable for any loss, damage or injury to persons / children or adult who are taking part in roller skating.